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Criminal law covers a broad range of cases: Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Crimes of Violence, Crimes Involving Property, Traffic Offenses and more. At the Digby Law Firm, we handle all types of criminal cases, in both State and Federal Court.

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Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes come in many shapes and sizes. They range from the simple marijuana possession case in District Court, to Drug Possession with Intent cases in State Court and all the way up to huge drug conspiracy cases in Federal Court.

Just like every other area of law, drug crimes have their own specialized areas of law, such as Search and Seizure, Chain of Custody, and Constructive Possession.

With Drug Crimes, there are many issues that can affect the outcome of your case, that have nothing to do with your actual innocence or guilt. The old saying, It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove, is never more true than in drug cases. Just because the police say they found drugs on your person or in your house or in your car, doesn’t mean they can prove it in court. You need an attorney that knows what the police can and can’t prove.

Digby Law Firm Drug Crimes

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes include homicide, battery, kidnapping and assault. I have had many trials, both in front of a judge and more importantly a jury involving violent crimes. Look at my recent success stories to see.

Crimes of violence usually differ from Drug Crimes, because there usually are more lay witnesses involved. By that I mean that you often have witness and victim statements, usually indicating that the Defendant was the one that committed the crime. Dealing with adverse witnesses is a talent and skill that can only be gained by experience and training. I have attended the best criminal defense college in the country, the National Criminal Defense College. This is not a part of law school, but an intensive college that focuses only on criminal defense trial skills, such as handling adverse witnesses.

Crimes of violence have many defenses that are usually not available to other types of crimes: Self-Defense (or Justification), Mistake of Law, Duress and Mental Disease or Defect, to name a few. I have handled cases using all of these defenses and more. You wouldn’t want to go to trial without having made sure that every defense available to you has been considered.

Violent crimes have some of the harshest punishments available in Arkansas. Capital Murder is the only crime in Arkansas for which you can receive the death penalty. Many other crimes can lead to possible life imprisonment. Don’t risk your life or your freedom, to someone who isn’t experienced and successful in defending these very serious cases.

Digby Law Firm Violent Crime

Sex Crimes

Sexual Crimes are the worst type of crime to be charged with. The stigma the general public attaches to them is worse than any other crime. Sex crimes require an attorney that can be aggressive and sympathetic at the same time.

I believe that more people are wrongfully accused of sex crimes than any other crimes, whether it is an estranged spouse hoping to gain an advantage in a divorce or custody case, a child that is unhappy with the discipline the parent meets out at home, or just someone that would rather claim to be a victim of rape, than to get caught in an affair.

Sex crimes include everything from Rape to Indecent Exposure. You don’t want to trust your freedom and reputation to someone that has never tried a Rape case before.



Digby Law Firm Sex Crime