Arkansas Democrat Gazette Article

Excerpts taken from an article, written by Linda Satter on September 20, 2013

After listening to two day of testimony, Pulaski County Circuit Judge, Herb Wright, cited insufficient evidence in throwing out rape and kidnapping charges against Quinton Riley, Jr., without giving jurors a chance to deliberate.  Riley is scheduled to stand trial on another set of allegations that he duct-taped and raped a women seven months later.

Judge Wright had ruled earlier that he would permit both women to testify at Riley’s separate trials in each case, after the prosecutor’s had argued that they constituted similar conduct.  After prosecutor’s had finished presenting their case, which included the testimony of the 2nd accuser, defense counsel Bobby R. Digby II, challenged the sufficiency of the evidence that had been presented and restated his concerns that the 2nd accuser’s testimony was unfairly prejudicial.

In granting Digby’s motion for a directed verdict, which also cleared Riley of burglary, terroristic threatening and aggravated assault charges, the Judge indicated that the 2nd accuser’s testimony wasn’t appropriate, after all, and should not have been allowed.