I have devoted my entire legal career to going to court and fighting for my clients.

When you have a reputation for being successful in court, as I do, people know it.

About the Digby Law Firm

I have a reputation for fighting as hard as possible for the people that have trusted me with protecting their legal rights. As such, I can often get a better result than other attorneys, simply because I can and will go to court and fight for them. I don’t tolerate empty threats from other attorneys or unreasonable settlement offers; I simply set a hearing and we go to court. Read More.

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Digby Law Firm Criminal Law

Criminal Law

At the Digby Law Firm, we handle all types of criminal cases, in both State and Federal Court, all across the state. Read More.

Digby Law Firm Criminal Law


Most attorneys are not experience in DWI/DUI laws. Make sure you speak with an experienced DWI attorney. Read More.